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Fortitude Advisory

Tax Experts and Business Advisors

Accounting has long progressed from just meeting your tax obligations. We have a range of great services to help improve not just your business, but your quality of life. We specialise solely in small to medium business, meaning we can focus our expertise. We also have a network of experts that are top of their game. From finance, investment advice, business systemisation, estate planning, depreciation, business grants and legal matters. Fortitude's group of experts have you covered. Make Fortitude your first port of call. 

Everyone already has an accountant but are they right for you?

Contact Fortitude for a no obligation, completely free and totally confidential review of your financial position. Having worked with the best tax and business strategists in the game, let us map out your past and present position to ensure you are structured correctly for the future. As well as paying the least amount of tax legally possible. We can even correct prior years to get back overpaid tax. 




We ensure you pay the least amount of tax legally possible! We achieve this through the implementation of strategies that are unique to your circumstances. Our tax strategies are cutting edge and second to none. We know as business owners ourselves, it's not how much you make, but how much you keep! Give us a call to do a free review of your tax position. 


The structure of your business or investment vehicle is crucial for getting the best tax outcomes and asset protection. Does your structure minimise tax and protect everything you've worked hard to build? Will it hinder you when you exit the business or sell your assets? If you are unsure we need to chat!


Do you know the margins in your business? Or where you sit compared to your competitors and industry average? Are you charging enough for your product or service, or are overheads crippling your success? Let us identify and monitor the critical drivers in your business that will bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. You manage what you measure!


The lifeblood of any business is cashflow. Learning how to manage it is the key to success. Failure to do so will restrict your growth. How often have you said, "we are making profit but don't have any cash"? Creating profits is good. Converting this to cash in the bank is great! Let us work with you and your business to turn your profit into cashflow. 

"I met Dave when introduced by a friend. If only I had met him earlier! He simply asked a couple of questions about our business and personal situation and instantly knew we had overpaid tax. His strategy saved us $65,000 for 2017 alone. Since then he has backed up the advice with great service. 

I had two accountants prior to Fortitude and while I thought I was paying too much tax, they both assured me this was the best outcome. Thankfully they were way off the mark and Dave was able to rectify this and get back the overpaid tax. Don't hesitate to let them do the same for you."

Blake Hammon - Heavy Lift Designs


Being in business is confronting. Premises, staff, clients, regulations, finance, debtors, marketing... You can quickly become swamped in detail and lose focus of why you even got into business. Without direction you will often be busy getting nowhere! Work with us to get clarity on your vision and build the business you've always wanted.

About Us



Simply, we want to help you reach your potential! Small to medium business owners are the backbone of the economy, yet they receive the least amount of support. Often they get into business as they are great at what they do, but soon learn business is more than just being great at producing a product or providing a service. 

Our purpose is to ensure our clients get to focus on what they do best. We get massive satisfaction out of giving you the certainty that whatever you need, we are on top of it. 


In short, we love to make your life easier. That's what WE do best!


How we achieve this is our point of difference. Every accountant generally goes into business with a view of helping people. Though great intentions don't always lead to great outcomes.

We understand that when you are an SME, there is often no separation from business and personal so we look at your entire financial position. Not just tax and structures. We align ourselves with the best in the industry to ensure every facet of your life is covered.


Our philosophy is that THERE IS ALWAYS A BETTER WAY!


Essentially, great expertise with even better service. We ensure you are structured effectively to not only pay the least amount of tax legally possible, but protect your hard earned assets. 

It doesn't stop there. We look at the performance of the business as well as the culture, goals and vision. Our network of experts will make sure that you are getting the best outcome. This extends to your personal situation as well. 


Our Team


Dave Mulquiney

I have a passion for working closely with businesses and individuals to achieve their goals, and have been doing so for over a decade. To be able to achieve goals, you first need to clearly define them. This is the starting point of any advisor relationship. Understanding what makes them tick, where they are and where they want to be. It's different for everyone!

"Context gives meaning to content." Setting the context means we can tailor the content and approach that aligns with your purpose. Then it is a matter of challenging and supporting you along your journey for betterment. This rarely ever just means increasing profits. It is about a better quality of life overall. Giving you more certainty around the future. 

Having worked in senior management positions, I played a pivotal role in building a great working culture, as recognised by BRW Magazine's Best Places To Work awards. All while doing so in a firm awarded as fastest growing firm in the country.  I have seen what can be accomplished when the right strategies are applied.  

With our profession though, the devil is in the detail. I love reviewing a clients past position in great depth and coming up with a different approach. Even having done this for a number of Tony Robbin's clients. Unfortunately overpaid tax is the norm rather than the exception. Adequate structuring and modern tax strategies can not only save a business tax, but set the platform for solid growth into the future.

Away from the office I have a wife and two boys that keep me on my toes. I love to get out on the mountain bike or squeezing a surf in. I'm a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and hold a Bachelor of Commerce from Wollongong University.

Stuart Peberdy

Having had a successful career in accounting for the past 10+ years, Stuart’s decision to start the practice was brought on by the loss of a close friend.

He has a deep seeded passion for helping people which shows in everything he does. Having dealt with clients from various industries over the years he identified his skill in being able to give clarity and certainty to clients problems in business.

Having spent the best part of the last decade working in Australia’s fastest growing accounting practice, he’s been mentored by the best. Understanding his own “Why”.

His goal in the office is to give his clients crystal clear advice, allowing them to get on with their own passion, having the certainty that their finance, tax and corporate structure of their business’, ultimately helping them reach their potential.

Stuart loves to spend time with friends and family. Traveling and Formula One are also passions away from the office, and he’s currently working his way around the global Formula One calendar. Locally you’ll find him running the coastline of Newcastle or racing kart’s around NSW. 


He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Newcastle University, a Diploma of Financial Services and is a Justice of the Peace.

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